Tuesday, August 23, 2011

you are not alone

There are times that you just sit here and wonder what in the world do I do? It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it is more a situation of wondering what God is going to be doing and how hard does it have to be.

I was talking to a friend last night and it just rubbed in that sometimes there are plenty of well meaning people but sometimes they just say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. She is going through something like me, although it has been a while since I lost my mom, I remember like yesterday being in the hospice and her taking her last breath. I can imagine the feelings and the emotions she is going through but I do not understand.

Here is my point for today: If you are going through a situation no matter what it is, you do not have to walk it alone. For the 1st 2 years of Zach’s life we tried to do it on our own, so not the way to do it. We finally let people in and it helped, but I will honest it wasn’t till recently (after Zach’s death) that I let some of the people really in  That I let people know my heart, all of my emotions, all the hurt. I thought it was too painful to talk, that I was a burden or that I was bothering them. I thought well why don’t they just know, but truth is that no matter what the situation you have to trust people enough to let them in. It doesn’t have to be everyone but a few. You don’t have to do any situation by yourself. You are not in it alone. You are worth it and you are wonderfully made. I am praying that every person that is reading this has someone that they can vent to, be real with, pray with, sing with, laugh with. I pray that no matter what the situation that you can realize that you aren’t alone. It may be hard now but know that those that truly care and we are here.

Like I told her you can find a professional that can help, you can ask a pastor, or you can talk to a good friend... There is help, you will make it through this.

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