Saturday, August 27, 2011

We are blessed….

How does a little boy touch so many people? I think the simple answer is God.  Zach was blessed with a smile that was amazing and because of that smile and not being scared to smile he touched many.  Last night we got to see the video that was done in honor of Zachary that is designed to help raise money for respite Daystays at the Hope House.  It was so amazing. I never knew that they let him play the piano.  It was so stinking cute. 

It left me thinking… if we are faced with tragedy what do we do? Do we turn and hide and decide not to help?  Do we stand up strong and cry and hurt but walk through the situation step by step?  Do we get mad and decide that nothing good can occur from the situation?  Do we see the benefits, the good things that are happening (or have happened)?  Do we shut down and not let anyone into our hearts and think that we are going to be the only one affected? Do we open our arms and hearts to all that need us?

See I have had to think long and hard about all of these questions and then some… The answer is I don’t know.  Moment by moment my answers change, I may have it together at one moment to be okay and then the next moment I might cry just breathing.

This is what I do know:

·        I know that it is okay

·        I know that I will continue to be here for people that are going through situations

·        I know that Zachary is remembered by tons not just his family

·        I know that it is okay to cry

·        I know that it is okay not to hold it together

·        I know that it is okay to have a good time.

·        I know that life goes on even though I don’t understand it.

·        I know that I am not alone

·        I know that people won’t understand

·        I know that I am not responsible for making them get it

I am going to say without mincing words that there are days that are bad moments that are bad but we must remember that Zachary would have never stayed put he would have kept walking.  While I hurt and while I struggle I know that I am okay and that no matter what anyone tries to say that it is okay that I am  upset, that I struggle, that I miss my son. 

Hold on to those that you love, tell them often that you love them, and know that no matter what you are never alone. 

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