Tuesday, August 9, 2011

If life is a rollercoaster where is the exit?

We enter into this life when we are born, we don’t have a choice on if we are going to ride or not, when we are born we are on the ride of life. As we grow up for the most part we are able to shake off things and we are able to deal with life in this with smiles and joy. As we get older those hills and loops get to be hard.
For some of us the coaster just goes up and down, up huge hills and quickly down the other side to come back up. They don’t stay at the bottom long or often, they just are there for a blink of an eye, long enough to catch their breath. Then you have others that seem to be tossed and turned and blinded by the wind, we seem to not be able to catch our breath. It is hard sometimes to go up the hills because we know that while going up the hill can be in preparation of other things that are going on in our life, we know that in just a second, we will be going fast down. Feeling like we aren’t going to make it. However, one of the things that we often forget is that when we get on a rollercoaster, what do they do? They put you in your seat, make sure you fit, put a seatbelt on you, put a bar on you and they check you. There are things to help you along the way. In life, God gives us friends and family that can help us along the way. The only thing is that unlike the rollercoaster, we don’t get to get off, there isn’t an exit.

The coaster course is different depending on the time of our life, sometimes it is a kiddie ride; you can handle it all breathing normally, laughing and having a great time. Other times it is a medium coaster, you know the ones that have some hills, twists and turns. The ones that you have to prepare yourself for one or two of the hills but overall it is easy to handle. Then you have the BIG coasters, the ones that are unbelievably shocking, huge hills, loops and all. On these BIG coasters, it is HARD to catch our breaths, it feels like we are panicked and not going to be able to make it. I feel like this is something that I have been going on. I have had the thrills and positive-ness of being with my family and gaining another family. However, the past 4 years have caused me to feel like I have been on a ride that I can catch my breath on. However, I have learned the journey I am on now is far more of a rollercoaster than when he was alive. At least when Zachary was alive I was able to love on him and I was able to see his smile and hear his voice, his laugh. I don’t get to do that now.

So why the rollercoaster analogy? This is why, Emotions are sometimes crazy they go up and down and while they are unpredictable at times they all always there, there is a course that it is on, just like the rollercoaster. I have learned that I get upset about the littlest things right now, I have been having mood swings (and yes I know my name is moody but geez this is crazy). I have literally been fine one min and then the next moment wanted to throw someone out of the window. I have had happiness, laughter, tears, upsetness, and anger I am sure there are a million in between. I have spent moments laughing to literally the next sec not be able to handle life. There are people that I am going to be okay with, just because it isn’t any of their business. I am trying to learn that even with those people it is okay to admit that I am not okay; I am simply learning how to go through life not understanding what is going to hit us next. Then there are others that are others that you are going to honest with and pour your heart on it. Which is sometimes far worse, because they keep hearing the same story over and over again, I am sure wanting to tell me to hush and to get over. .

Ups and downs, twists and turns, drops, tosses and all…. Remember just like when you ride the rollercoaster, in the ride of life you are never alone.

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