Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a new day

Nothing is ever easy I keep saying…
Daddy and Aden praying together at Flag time during AWANA!

Zach getting ready for his G-J button Change at Egleston

However there are nights like last night that just reminds me that God is certainly with us. Aden came in from his wonderful day and didn’t want to eat, watch TV or anything, all he wanted to do was go to bed, I did something that I never do, I let him have a cup of Kool-Aid and go to bed. So Adam, Zach and I sat down for dinner. Zach did so well; he ate oatmeal, soup, and peanut butter crackers. He wanted to be with daddy so daddy and Zach had a great family time. Oh Aden slept till 6:39a this morning, he was tired. I am so glad that he rested because today he has school.

We are wondering if some of his pain and all… his screaming and frustration has to do with the old tube, like something was wrong with it. Cause even though he is still screaming and frustrated it is so much better now that he had the new tube, so as much as I didn’t want to put him in anesthesia again is now that I know that he NEEDED his tube to be changed. Thank God they didn’t let him wait the two weeks. I would have been without my mind, because I would have lost it!

Our family minus Aden....dressed up for AWANAs

In Sunday school we are learning that God doesn’t belong in a box, there isn’t a box that is big enough for me to put him in. One of the verses that I found it one that I now love and that I hold dear, it makes me realize even more that God knows what it is like to be a mom and He knows that sometimes moms (and others too) need extra encouragement and that we need to know that it is all going to be okay. I don’t mean that it will all be perfect, I mean can you imagine how boring life would be if nothing ever went wrong. However, what I do mean is that there is nothing that God can’t do and there is nothing that too much for Him (which is the tie in to the second verse). The two verses that I we have been focusing on are Isaiah 40:11 and Jeremiah 32:17. God carries us close to his heart and He leads us. It is nice to know that God holds me and that He gathers me and loves me so much that He knows that I am an emotional person that needs the love, hugs, and confirmation that I am not alone in all of the things that we are going though. There is nothing to Hard for God…. why am I worried about all the things of this world because He can do it ALL.

Isaiah 40:11
He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.
Jeremiah 32:17
Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One more MAJOR THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I have a person that I need to say THANK YOU too, a person that God placed in our life for one purpose, supposedly the one purpose. This person has stepped out of that role and into many many many more, sometimes I struggle with it because I know that God has been AWESOME by placing her with Zach and in return with me. She is one that I have been able to talk to, pray with, cry and ask questions that I would have asked my mom if she was here, she has always answered them the best that she could and listened.

This is for you... I will not say your name here but you know who you are!

  • Thank you for coming and playing with Zach, bringing markers and a coloring book for him and the movies, Aden loves Jonah as well.
  • Thank you for the game that was brought to Aden, we played it downstairs while we were at the hospital and the wonderful thoughts that were said to me.
  • Thank you for being one of the only people that I have been able to cry to and vent to about all of the emotions and feeling that I have.
  • Thank you for calling us and checking on us and for calling and asking questions for me.
  • Thank you for praying with usThank you for praying for us
  • Thank you for all of the things that you have done
  • Thank you for being concerned about us and about me!
  • Thank you for the love that you have shown when you didn't have to.
  • Thank you for saying the hard things, making the hard suggestions even when you knew that it would hurt and that my heart would crumble

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So we are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been forever and I am so sorry.

After 13 days in the hospital Zach is at home, still having a few issues but we are home. He isn't able to stand really and isn't able to walk at all, he is still so weak, he is barely able to crawl and crawling with the pump is even harder. He ate dinner last night and some crackers this morning. We are all delighted to be home, ALL of us are delighted!

So now that I am home I want to say THANK YOU to all... I am not going to say names because I didn't ask permission but you will know who you are.

-- to all of yall who called me and checked in by phone.
-- to those that let me call you past 9pm so I didn't use my mins on my cell phone
-- to those who brought food
-- to the one that brought me some diet coke and food at 1:40am, even though she didn't have makeup on or know where she was going. I will never forget it.
-- to those that immed me
-- to those that left messages on caringbridge and facebook-- to those that were willing to keep Aden
-- to the one that took Aden to the playground, to school, and wherever else
-- to the one that allowed me to cry over the phone to them, even though they didn't understand -- to the ones that came and saw Zach and played with him
-- to those that brought stickers, markers and other art supplies to Zach

I know that there are a thousand more but those are the ones that came up... so now that we are home pray for the whole SSI thing, we were denied because of income so we have to do the KAtie Beckett/deeming waiver, man.... that is some paperwork and it all has to be signed by a doctor of course. PRAYING I can emotionally hold it together!