Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are they important?

I can’t imagine going through this without family and I friends, it seems like each day there is an action or a situation that makes me realize how blessed I am to have people that care about me and my family

I can’t believe how big Aden has gotten, he is enjoying school. He is getting great reports and he finished his 1st week of school with all Es. I have been amazed at how he has gotten up every morning without my help. He told me today that he will sleep in… nope 6:30 and he is up and wide awake. Gosh, I love this little man; I am amazed at what God is doing with him.

Several have asked about me and to be honest I am unsure as to what to say. I am still dealing with things that I can’t explain and it is still a very much an up and down situation. I wish I could express it but I can’t. It can be hard sometimes because weird things get upsetting… looking for polos, signing daily reports for school, reading an email, things that have nothing to do with negativity just brings back floods of emotions. Then there all the expectations that I have of myself. I should be able to do things, maybe not perfectly but come on I should be able to do the basic things. I should be able to stay one emotion for more than 10 mins One of the major things is Am I important?  I am trying not to get catch up in it all but to remember that it wall works together for God’s plan, that I can cling to the rock when my heart is troubled. I am thankful though that I can deal with this at home, that I have I have my husband and surrounded by family and friends that are allowing me to work through it all and that are allowing me to cling to them gaining strength and love from them.

So today’s message, today’s challenge is can you make a list of things that are important to you? Can you remember the things that made you laugh and that have touched your heart. Will you today make sure that they know you love them? Will you take the time to let them know that they are important and valuable? 

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