Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long time

It has been a long time since I have written, if I was honest it has been busy and God has been super busy in my life.   I am learning that there are times when things don't make sense and yet God leads you down the path.  I'm learning to plug in the earbuds and to turn on the music and just roll with it.

I can not believe that february is almost over, it seems like it was just thanksgiving time and yet time is flying.  Since I wrote the last time I have learned that friends matter, now I knew that, I knew that without people that will love you and support you life can be too hard.  However I also went through situations that people decided to walk out on.  I have hated valentines day as long as I can remember... It is simply that I don't understand why you need a special day to say I love you, you should say I love you every chance you can get.

Now in saying this, this is the first valentines day that I was shown how fun this day can be.  It was fun to watch this day through the eyes of a child.  It was amazing to get to experience it through my son, Aden, he has a special friend and he adores her, they are like brother and sister.  He went to the store and bought her something, then he would go back and buy her something else.  It was super sweet! She made it to the day with quite a but bought for her.

I was surprised by my amazing husband with candy, a card, the best balloon ever.... It said valentines day is overrated!!! Totally a me feeling!  He also Suprised my best friend with a card and candy, since her Husband was out of town.  A true image of how much friends can become part of the family and How much of am impact they can make without knowing it.  I was suprised by a gift as well, a token of how much God has blessed my life. That through hardship, pain and life chamges there can be huge blessing.

  However I have to admit one of the best thing that could have happened to me was I got a new ring from my husband for Christmas.  It needed to be sized and yet two months later I hadn't taken it.  it  was breaking my heart that since the medical issues that I am having I couldn't wear my old engagement ring, it would cut my finger.  I tried it in the day before valentines fits and even better I can get it  on and off without struggling.  I'm super excited about it, I am wearing it and I am totally stoked!

I hope that life will settle down and I will blog more, God is working in my life and I'm holding tight with earbuds in jamming along.