Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It frustrates me when people think that because Zach is walking that he is okay, they miss the fact or overlook the fact that Zach is only 16 pounds and 4 ozs at 2 years old; that he doesn’t really have any words (the only word he has is yes), that he has a g-tube, that he has braces, that he on average sleeps 19-22 hours a day. He gets exhausted doing normal everyday things, he has muscle termors and sereve pain.

I am not babying him; He isn’t screaming or crying because I have babied him or because I hold him. He screams and cries because he has no other way to communicate. If I babied him then I would jump and react every time he falls, which some days is very often. He would always be in my arms.

We are waiting for results of testing and in the mean time we can just treat what we have seen and what the docs say that we can treat at this moment.

Please take a moment to watch this:


Where to start? It has been so long since I have been able to sit down and post anything so I will try to do a quick update.

I guess the 1st place to start is that my littlest boy is now 2… how can he be 2? The time has flown by. He is 16 pounds 4 ozs, he is 30 inches tall and overall he is doing well. He can walk and is learning how to communicate, albeit not verbally but he is signing and using other things to communicate. We went to my aunt’s house for the 4th of July weekend and to celebrate Zach’s birthday. We had a great time swimming and having a great time. My Aunt bought him a wonderful present a Kitchen. The boys play with it daily and it is something that they play hours with. It is wonderful!

I signed Aden up for pre-school… it is one of those things that we are going on faith that it will work out. Aden is so ready to go, he wants to do stuff and be involved so I guess in AUG I will become a mom of a child that is going to school. I can’t believe that he going to be going. This means that come August I will have Aden at Preschool Tues, Weds, Thurs and then I will have Zach at respite care Monday and Tuesday. So one day a week I will be completely childless which is weird thought to me.

Aden and Zach went to VBS this year but let me tell you Aden hit the age where he was super excited about going. It was so so AWESOME to see and hear the excitement that he had for it all. He was so excited about getting to go eat snack with his friends, play, and do a craft. He is still talking about it 2 weeks later. Every year they do a penny drive (all money is accepted though) and this year all the money that was collected was donated to The Hope House, which is where Zach goes for Respite. When it was all over the children had brought in 288 dollars. So the Hope House is getting 288 dollars, a 50 dollar gift card and a DVD player (which is what they wanted with the money). My heart just cried when I realized how much the children had done. God is Great!

Aden went back to the dentist and I have to say it was such a better experience this time… he would let them do all the thing that they needed to do.

The boys love each other and it is apparent in everything that they do. Aden is helping Zach do things and trying to make sure that Zach is always taken care of. I am praying that love and support never leaves.