Sunday, August 21, 2011

Every Day…

Every day I have been challenged to do things… there are the two things that I have already written about but I gained a 3rd last night. A 3rd thing from a person that knows me well, that allows me to fuss at her (not to her or about anything within her control but at her)
EVERY DAY… Thank God for something GOOD in our life, in My life. Now this shouldn’t be hard at all. We all have things that are good; we all have things that we are thankful for… what makes this hard is that the ups and downs are being overshadowed by all the bad, all the yucky things. I can easily see me getting mad at Aden, I can easily see me getting mad at having to do certain things, I can easily the mistakes that I have made, I can easily see how different life is. It is harder to remember the GOOD things, the happy things that things that are silently waiting for me to get back to.  It is harder to remember that it is all for a reason, it is all for God's plan.

So thankful, I sit here and think what I am thankful for… I am thankful for a husband that loves me, I am thankful for friends who CARE for me and care enough to tell me things that I don’t want to hear, I am thankful for the ones that are pushing me to stand firm and hold on, I am thankful for missions that friends send me on. Things are hard, things are difficult and a while I don’t know how to tell people or deal with things, I am thankful that I have people that do care.

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