Monday, August 1, 2011

Lessons from a 5.5 year old

Situations come and some of them are bad and some of them are good. We take them and we deal with the situations as they come. Sometimes the littlest of situations knock us down and other times the biggest situations we fly through with the easiest of ease.

Aden, who is 5.5 years old, is one of those that constantly amaze me. He is the most flexible amazing child I have ever seen. He was able to take the days that Zach was sick and be okay with it. He was able to go to multiple houses and have multiple ideas of what is going to happen. In this case, Aden has taught me a lot. It isn’t about the situation it is about the love and your ability to go through the situation.

From my 5.5 year old I have learned:

• There is nothing like a hug from your mom or your dad. Other people can hug but to have a hug that soothes your heart it has to be your mom or your dads.

• There is nothing like structure, or at least knowing that there is none. Aden needed to have structure, he needs to have structure but as long as we were honest with him, he was okay.  He is amazing flexible but he likes to know that he is taken care of even if that means that we don't know what it is

• There isn’t always an answer. As parents we want to have all the answers we want to be able to say this is why or this is what this is. However, we have learned that just always isn’t possible. There are situations that occur that have no earthly rhyme or reason.

• There is nothing that can fix a heart of a child. As adults our hearts function differently, we have to much heart knowledge and it gets in the way.  However, the brain knowledge gets in the way even more.  As adults it is hard to get over what we know and what we we have experienced to heal completely.  As a child you just do what you do, it is a child like Faith, you just know that it will be okay, you just know that things are okay. 

•The things that we don’t understand help a ton.  Getting to be with friends and getting to be the ones to talk and play.  Seeing him interact with a friend of his (we don’t see her often but he cares deeply for her) reminded me that having friends there even if they are clueless to the activity shows.  He didn't have to tell her about anything, she loved him for him, they were in their own 5 year old world. 

I will stand and admit that that I have no clue how my son is so AMAZING, he is a true gift from God.  He is able to be so much more than I ever could imagine and he is so strong. I am thankful that through all this I am able to see all the amazing little things that he is... Smart, Caring, Funny, Strong, Loving, AMAZING! 

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