Saturday, August 20, 2011

A chance to…

If you have been around me long you know that my family is loved, you know that there are people that love on us; you may even be one of them. This blog is dedicated to a friend of mine. Let me tell you about her and her family. She is amazing and caring and wonderful. She is quite busy so I can’t always talk to her as much as I would like to but I know that she is there for me. I can see her smile and I can hear her voice calming me down even on days that I can’t talk to her. She is God fearing and a prayer warrior. Her boys are an inspiration to me… one of them is has mito and is an athlete it is my dream that one day mito can’t rip that away like it did zach but in the mean time I hold on to the fact that mito isn’t always a life stealer. He is handsome, smart, caring and athletic what else could a mom as for? I will admit I don’t know her husband nearly as well, I do know that he is one of the hardest workers that I know, and while I know the smiles aren’t always there He is amazing. He makes a difference beyond what he imagines.

Several Several months ago, I called this family to ask a question… Zach had to at that point have his wheelchair and was battling the heat badly, however, he wanted to go to a Braves game (Truthfully Aden wanted to go as well) I called them up simply to ask a question… How do you buy handicapped tickets and then is there a way to get tickets for one game that had access to the A/C? I mean have you ever bought a ticket for someone with a wheelchair? I didn’t know if I just asked for a handicapped ticket, if we could all sit together as a family or what. I didn’t know if they knew but I knew that she would be able to help me get to the right person. The quickly told me to hold on that they would get back to me. They called me back having a night to remember scheduled with the Atlanta Braves, we were excited, all of us. However, MITO had a different schedule and we never got to go. I dropped it, I didn’t want to take advantage and I didn’t want to bother so once Zach passed away I didn’t think anymore about this Braves night. Several weeks later they called me and asked me when we would like to go that Adam, Aden and I were still welcomed to go, enjoy and have a night of fun.

Last night we went to the Braves game, I picked Aden up from school and headed to get Adam. We then got to Turner Field and got our tickets. I had no idea where we would be sitting; we were behind home plate, perfect for my little guy to watch the game. We were asked to be there early and since we were we got to watch the Braves games hit, we got to talk to the players. Aden got a ball given to him and he got McCann’s battling glove. Adam enjoyed getting to see all the players and all. I have to admit I think the TV shrinks the players, gosh they were big. We had a great time. The Braves won, they had a HUGE firework show so it was a great time.

So the title a Chance to be…. Last night was a chance for us to be normal. It was an odd feeling to be a normal family… no worrying about any of the stuff that consumed our lives for almost 4 years. At some point last night I turned and looked at my men, I just smiled, This is what life is about…being together doing things together, enjoying each other. Without this family loving on us, last night would have NEVER happened; they saw our family and blessed us. It was a night to remember, it was amazing to see Adam and Aden reconnect…Amazing to see Adam be just a father! He is a great and amazing Dad. It was amazing to see Aden love the game and be excited, to watch his eyes. Please don’t take anything for granted, you never know how long you will have it

I have no words but thank you! I don't know if they read this or if they will ever know but I am so thankful and so amazed that they were able to bless us and give us the chance to be normal.

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  1. What a special special night. What a fantastic family of friends! I'm so glad you were able to do this. Thinking about you so very often!