Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec Already

So it is December 2nd already... I can't believe how fast time is flying. I also can't believe the number of phone calls and emails and shout-outs that are asking for ideas for the boys. There are people that asking for small ideas, money ideas, and gift ideas so I am going to post here and on caringbridge. I don't know who reads what but I don't want to send a mass email out because we aren't looking for anything in particular, this is one of those posts that if you were asking it is for you.

Ideas for Aden:
-DVDs- he loves backyardgins, superheros, scooby, etc. We haven't bought new DVDs in a while so he doesn't have many new releases.
-Days out (Monkey Joes, ChuckeCheese, etc)
-twin bedding
Please NO spongebob though

Ideas for Zach:
-Stickers- he loves loves loves loves stickers. This is prob his number one thing that he does
-Art stuff
-color wonder things
-sleepers (18 months to 2T), preferable those that have buttons or snap at the legs, so we can get the tube in and out.
-pillow cases and crib sheets

Money Ideas (just for those that asked)
-Aden's school tuition
-cleaning services

Time Ideas
-Taking Aden to the playground (Zach can't go)
-Taking Aden to the movies (again Zach can't go)
-Watching Zach so we can do things with Aden
-Preparing meals or gift cards so we can not worry about dinner and have that time together.

Household things:
-a new vacuum (one that has a heppa filter in it)
-storage or something to organize the toy room
-Storage container or file folder things for Zach's artwork

I am sure there are million of other ideas but this is what I came up with, I will update it as the month goes on.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankful for Family

So I had an appt today and it made me stop and realize that I am very blessed to have a great network of family and friends to help me/us with Zach. People that do care about Zach and Aden and have helped us beyond what I could ever thank them for. I am so delighted to know that I am not on this journey alone and that no matter what happens we have AWESOME people here with us.

1st, I need to say that I have AWESOME in laws, today you hear so many bad stories about in laws but truthfully I am blessed with the best in laws ever. I am proud to call them mom and dad. I love them both so much and they have walked the world for us and cont to do so. They love the boys so much and have been a huge help with both of them.... Aden loves being over there. I could never say say how much they have done for us. They are wonderful. They kept the boys for me so I could go out on Black Friday.

2nd, we have awesome Church family.... they have stepped up so much helping me with Aden, helping with cleaning supplies and with stickers. The have helped with smiles and hugs and with the prayers. I am so sure that there are things that I have missed but I am so honored to have them as part of my Christian Family.