Thursday, April 17, 2014



Communication: Imparting or interchanging thoughts, opinion, or information by speech, writing or signs.  Sharing news, views, or information between people. 

I came across this picture today and it made me think, it made me remember.  The picture said... Just because your child isn't communicating verbally doesn't mean that they are not communicating. I had a son that was considered to be nonverbal but if you knew Zach you knew that he communicating  loud and clear to everyone that was near him.  He smiled, laughed, giggled, he had a twinkle in his eye.  I have known others that can’t verbally say a word but are dearly enjoyed by their family members and friends.

This picture simply reminded me… Body language means a ton! A simple smile, giving your time, reminding someone that they are worth it.  There are many diseases, syndromes, disorders that can cause a person to be nonverbal.  This is where my thoughts are going to change a little so please follow me. 

Do you know who is writing this blog?  Some readers have known me as long as I have been alive and they know all of the things that I have shared.  Some are new and have only known me for a little while.  Some know me through the social word and technology.  Here is a little about me…

                                I was born Sept 28th and I am an only child

                                I love teal, pink and brown

                                I love love love Sparkly things, glitter…YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! I love Glitter

                                I am married and I have been blessed not only with an amazing man but with an amazing family.

I have always been one that other have come to for help, to talk to, to run ideas by me and to ask for prayer.  I have never been a judger and have often wrapped my arms around people.  But, I have trouble talking about certain things.  In 2007, Zach was born and I was ecstatic.  It wasn’t till we were in the hospital a lot that I noticed… People didn’t have the words to talk to me.  I stopped getting phone calls, emails, cards, visits.  Then I started to try to talk to people about what Zach was going through.  I heard I don’t have the words to say, I don’t know what to say… Truth is none of us do.  Zach got sicker and people went further away.  It wasn’t till Zachary came home on hospice care that I realized how badly certain things were for me.  I no longer heard verbal communication.  People weren’t near us, they were choosing to stay away. 

Communication was being done…Body language, time, resources were painting a picture that I still have in my head some days.  It brought back insecurities that I had.  Fears about talking, speaking, sharing.  Fears on being transparent.  I am still working on getting my verbal communication back but I look at this picture and I think.  I have a family, I have several friends that Communicate with me without using words.  They are allowing me to a few words at a time, build myself back to a person who rejoices to use ALL communication. 

What would I like you to know? Please use all of you to communicate.  Speak to your Children and to others.  Even more so remember that every person is worth being listened to no matter if it is a verbal communication or not. Remember we are ALL worth it!!!