Thursday, January 28, 2010

a Mini update

Sorry that it has been forever things have been kinda crazy, We spent from Dec 27th to Jan 5th in the hospital with Zach. He is doing better though and although he is having hard days he is doing wonderful and I am amazed at what all he is doing.

My Wonderful Cousin is putting on the "2010 Miss Georgia CBA Benefit Pageant" It is going to be put on for Zachary and for some of the things that he needs. She is going to try to raise enough money for us to purchase the SleepSafe HiLo bed for Zachary. Insurance won't cover it because he is technically able to still use the crib. However, with this bed, he will be able to have the head elevated to the position that he needs for his reflux without using extra pillows and since it is still enclosed it will allow us not worry as much about him jumping out and pulling out his button. He will be able to use it for years as well, he will be able to grow into it.

The 2010 Miss Georgia CBA Benefit Pageant will be held on March 20th, from 10am-4pm. If you are interested in entering it, then you can contact her, I am going to post the link to the facebook page and you can contact her from that. She is also going to be selling the tickets to attend, I think that they are 5 or 10 dollars a piece. We also realize that not every family has girls that want to participate so they also have a list of things that we need if you are interested in donating that way.

Please pray for this....It would be a huge blessing to get this bed for Zach but it also is sharing the face of MITO. Please go look at her event page for it!