Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Someone who cares for and desires to be around a person.

Okay sounds simple enough but what I have learned is that there is many different ways to be a friend. There is the way when we were younger… you play sports together, go to school together, call and talk to each other on the phone (although these day you would probably get on facebook together) Being a friend meant that you were there for fun.

Then there is a friend when you get a tad older. You know that bad thing happen and that those things can affect your relationship, you listen to people and what they say, you allow the situation to say if you will continue to be friends. Circumstances change your view and what you need to do.

Then there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, a friend that no matter what the circumstance is there. It can be 5 am and they are there or it can be midnight at they are there. They are there for dinner, for fun, for 1st and for lasts. They are the ones that decide to stick around when the world steps out. When it is impossible to understand what is going on they are there still hugging and holding your hand. They are willing to be the interceptor of stupid comments and of people that are clueless. They are willing to listen to you whine and complain (sometimes about the same thing over and over again). They love you and they care about you. They are there no matter what. You may not have many of these but they are there and are willing to be there for the whole process which may not be pretty or desirable.

In every situation we have the ability and the opportunity to be a friend. It is hard I know when your life is different than the next persons. It can be that you are chosen to fill a certain role, something that is good for you but that your friends have to stay behind for. Will they support you? The better question is how you are going to react. Are you going to act like you are better than them or that you have all the answers? Are you going to exclude them? Are you going to forget about them? You can’t control them; you can only be the best friend that you can be. You can call and email them; you can choose to not forget them.

As a friend: I can choose if I let a friend in to all of the emotions and interactions that occur. The stages of grief that are often mixed and often occur at the same time, when it is time to change and to move on when the world doesn’t get it. To want to have them to hold your hand but not know the words, To be mad at the world and to be willing to tell them, To admit that you are depressed and that you can’t do it all, To admit that sometimes breathing is too much to talk to them is too much (even though you want to), To hug and to be touched when you don’t understand. To accept help, To be there when you don’t want to, To be willing to not say a word, To take all the screaming/mad feelings/and heartache, To accept the love, To give the love… TO SIMPLELY BE A FRIEND!

Striving to be a friend and to let those that want to be my friend be there.

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