Friday, September 30, 2011

Really another day…

I wish that I could say that life has settled down some but what I am learning is that my life is crazy that things don’t always settle the way that we think that it should. I have to say that Thursday was a calm day but we had friends come into town. We have talked for over a year and I wish that I could say that we met before now but I can’t… through all the medicalness that brought us together this was the 1st time that we have met. We have laughed and laughed and laughed, I am thankful that God brought our families together.
Today however, wasn’t a great day… I needed the laughter tonight because I found myself having a hard time with all the events of today. Aden had a hard time last night and when I went in this morning I walked into his room and found a room that had highlighter green carpet. I thought it was Easter grass. I mean literally I thought. “Where did the Easter grass come from?” nope it was marker. My heart sank I mean really the day before his birthday. So today the cupcakes that were going to be made and delivered to school are still in the box and never were made. I couldn’t help it, I had my heart crushed but I couldn’t let him after the events of the night.

I can honestly say.. Laughter has been a healer. While things are hard and I don’t understand why there are illness, pain, problems, accidents, tests I can finally say that the things that come out of the events are wonderful even if shaped in pain and heartache. I never wish all the events on others but I can say that I am thankful that God is always with us and that even in the pain that He holds me in His hands

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