Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well it isn’t really a new journey it is just one that was put on hold for a little bit.  Aden, my almost 6 year old, has had some medical issues.  It is something that we have been dealing with for a long time but now that he is almost six we realized that it wasn’t age appropriate and he asked to go to the doctor so we took him.  I am not going to give all the details or anything but we are starting a bunch of meds for GI meds.  God has it so I am going to let him have it.
I am going to take the same view for Aden as I did for Zachary… Aden is perfectly made just the way that he is.  I will love him and cherish him and be honored to call him my son no matter the situation.  We are learning about how school goes, that is very new to us.  We are getting used to the new plans and new things  

I am having to learn some things and will be trying to reach out to a couple of people, things can be hard but overall day by day we will learn, live, and love.  God is with us, He hasn’t left us yet and he will always be here for us.

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