Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have to say I have some pretty amazing friends. Throughout the past couple of years I can truly say that one of the only things that have keep us going is that we have friends that care, I mean really and honestly care. That doesn’t mean that they get it all the time, it means that they are there no matter if they understand or not. I have a friend who constantly reminds me that she has never been through this situation that she just can’t imagine, so her words are few. I have another two who love on us enough to help stand with us no matter what is going on; to be hugged on no matter what, it is so important. I had a friend that moved away and I thought that I would never head from her again, I have to say that God is so amazing, I have gotten cards from her and she have emailed and texted me. I have texted friends for hours on end when I had no intentions on bothering them, but God just had us talk and allowed me to express a little. I know that our friends need to know what is going on in order to pray for us. I know that they pray without details but they care so much those details are nice for them to be able to pray specifically

See what I am learning is that you don’t have to know the words to say… Now I know this, I tell people all the time that if they are going through something just to pour their hearts out not to worry if it doesn’t make sense or if they think that it will make sense. What I am finding is that it works the other way too? Even if I don’t have the words, even if it doesn’t make sense to try to pour my heart out, to try to communicate the pain, the hurt, the feelings I have to try. The honest truth is that we are walking this journey sec but sec and there are times that seems like too much. I can honestly say that I can’t figure out how I am supposed to make it through this but I can say that having friends that are here to support me and love on me helps a lot. I know that I am one that doesn’t judge and that people come to for prayer and support. So now I am trying to learn to be honest and transparent. However my heart is aching and I don’t understand it all.

There are no words to express my heart…. We are learning as we go!

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