Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Birthday number 1

Yes this is birthday number one, as in Adam’s birthday, my awesome and amazing husband’s birthday. I was able to do something special for him and celebrate him. I had a friend make him white chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and I was able to surprise him at work with enough for his department. I took them expecting picking them up from my friend to be kinda difficult, but it was a blessing. Then I was blessed by getting to have lunch with my husband and my mother in law. What a huge blessing!
So for those that don’t know my husband let me tell you about him… He is a God Fearing, God Loving, amazing, loving, caring, and wonderful. He is an Amazing Husband and an Amazing Father. He is so amazingly smart and caring. He is gifted in being able to know the numbers and how they work and what they mean. He has taught me so much more than what I can express and he loves me no matter what which is amazing. He is supportive no matter what.

Today I get to celebrate him, without him, I would be lost. Without him my world would be darker and without him I would have far less touch that I do now. He is my All in All and my Gift from God.

Happy Birthday to you my Amazing husband

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