Tuesday, September 6, 2011

such a time

We are given people we need when we need them. I am sure if you look in your life you can think of at least one person who can tell you anything and you know that they are saying it because of and out of love. They are the ones that you tell everything too even though you know that they might tell you that you have lost your ever living mind but they are also the ones that will hold you the tightest.

It is no secret that these past couples of years have been extremely hard but through it I have learned that God has some things that are always there. I know that many would put all the references and that they will look at this and say Goodness where is it found but I want to write something that I have learned. As I felt like God spoke them to me. I am a person that needs to be touched, hugged, loved on and encouraged. I have to be reminded that what is going on has nothing to do with how much I am loved or needed. This was whispered into my ear as I was sitting protected in his lap.

God has in fact adopted me; He has chosen me and picked me. Not only did He chose me but he made me and he knew everything that I was going to do before I even thought about it. He sings over me, He protects me, He will never ever leave me, No one can take me from his hand. That I am wonderfully made, that all of my tears (ALL OF THEM) are collected he knows every one of them. God can use me even though I am made from dust, He can use me to be his mouth piece, I am his bride.

Now some of that makes sense… we all want to believe that we are worth that much. But really we are, God made us and He made us for such a time as this. I am thankful that I am alive and going through this in today’s age verses another one. I can be connected with people worldwide; I spent part of last night talking to a friend that lives in Taiwan. We are living in an age with technology means that we are never alone between cells, blackberries, laptops and desktops we can ALWAYS be connected. We are living in an age where medicine is good, tests and things that can be done and can give someone a second chance. Living for such a time as this, it isn’t by accident, we each have a purpose. A God ordained reason to be here right now with the friend that we have and the situations that we are going though

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