Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a bit

Just a pic of what Zach had to do because of MITO.... He had oxygen and a double broviac.   He had TPN, Fluids, Meds given through the broviac.  TPN gave him all of his nutrition to live.  Zach had 3 pain meds and multiple other meds,  He had to have fluids to keep him hydrated and antibotics. The oxygen helped him break and have the ability to do anything.  You can't see his GJ tuble but it was there and hooked up to drain. 

You know what is so remarkable about this picture...
His SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even through all that he went through he smiled. 

Zach had MITO, Mito didn't have him


  1. Indeed a hard pic which makes the smke all the more precious!

  2. Look at that smile...heart-melter right there...