Monday, September 12, 2011


My heart is heavy, My Words are few.

The pain is real and the heartache is too.

People don’t understand why I hurt; they think it is okay that he isn’t here on earth.

Heaven is great, he can run and play but here on earth is where I wanted him to stay.

I hurt, I cry, I scream out too

He will never come back and how can I deal with that?

Others get to play with, do things with, love on the ones they love

I sit and watch and wonder why I can’t? What did I do?

In my heart I know it is good, I know what it was nothing that I did.

I pray he is never forgotten but that I can become all God wants me to be.

Broken and crying with all my heart, I come before the throne and curl up in his lap

For God loves me more than I can imagine, fill my heart and make it real.

For I need that love and I need to be still.

Hope, love, peace and comfort are His to give to me

I pray that I can be all that he called me to be

May I love on all, be that friend, my they know they are never alone

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