Thursday, December 1, 2011

4 letter words…

Okay yes, I will say it there are so many 4 letter words, come of them you know about and that we keep ourselves from saying then there are words that are 4 letters that we don’t think of but we say anyway… Here are just 4 of those words:

HATE: I hate things that are going on, I hate feeling that way, I hate these clothes, I hate… you get my point. We say it often when we are complaining and when we don’t want to do things. We sometimes say it in the heat of the moment to someone, when we don’t really mean it. Sometimes we hate things in our head even though we may never say it out loud. Sometimes it is something that is easy to hate, like I can easily say “I HATE MITO” it is a truth. There are other times when it runs through my mind that it isn’t truth but it is a statement that I shouldn’t ever express, because it will tear down and destroy. I want to lift up and help others not HATE them. I want to be the one to pray for, love on, and help. It is a little four letter word.

OVER: As in I am OVER it, Now this is one that I have had a hard time with lately, You know when you get so tired of dealing with something or with the bad things happening that you just lock yourself in the bathroom and scream out “I’M OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!” oh wait that is me! But you get my point. Sometimes that 4 letter word of OVER stops us and keeps us from doing all the things that we need to do.  It can keep us from being the person that we need to be.  I can honestly say that by going through all the situations that I have been through, all of the “I am OVER it” things that I am stronger person but not only that but I care more deeply and love more strongly than I did before.  It is something that I don’t get but I do know that if I gave up because I was over it I wouldn’t be who I am now.   

HELP: This is one that is super hard for me to put here, for me this is a 4 letter word as BAD as some ones that aren’t here on this blog. Admitting that you need help is the 1st step to sometimes getting help, to recovering, to healing and to loving. For me it is one of the hardest because I don’t want to admit that I have a problem, that I need something, that I hurt however, sometimes we need to. Asking for help is admitting that you can’t do it and that you need someone to pull beside you and be with you, to walk with you. To encourage and love on you even when sometimes you aren’t sure what is going on. I am striving to be transparent so this 4 letter word has become hard. I have to let those that love me and care about me help me. Lots of 4 letter words in that sentence! It is not a sign of weakness but instead it is a sign that you are strong enough to allow someone in who can make a difference.

LOVE: The one that we need to use all the time but we rarely use enough or in the right way, we say we love diet coke, we love this show, we love this song, and we love this shirt… is it the right way? What about the love we have for people? What about the love that drives us to be the best that we are, the best that we can be, to help in every feasible way. The love that will allow you to be the one that will stay up all night and talk because you can’t sleep, the one that will hold your hair when you are throwing up (not because they have to but because they care). That love is the love that will hold you and let you know that it is okay, something that we need to be reassured of often and sometimes in silly ways. When you love someone you put yourself out there for that person and are willing to put yourself aside for that person.

See for many of us we use the word HATE more than we use any other word. I will admit, lately I have been hating a lot, what happen to joy and to love, it got overtaken by hate and by being over things. I have stopped wanting to ask for help and to help others and I have stopped loving all things instead of just the few things that were okay by me. I have talked about being transparent and it is important because there are times that we are the only sense of HOPE that the person has. Sometimes I am the only God that they see are they going to see love and hope from me? What are they going to see when they look at you.

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