Friday, December 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! Christmas EVE!!!!!!! In fact as I type this one of my friends is already into Christmas Eve day.  I can’t believe it.  I have learned something this year… Santa uses more than Reindeer these days.  He uses the internet, he uses FEDEX, he uses USPS, and he uses… well you get my point.  By the way, I learned something in typing that sentence that I didn’t know how to spell reindeer.  I have no words on how to say Thank you to those.   
I have also learned something else this year and it is something that I don’t know how to explain… but I am missing my champion gift picker.  Zach had this AWESOME ability to pick exactly what we needed.  He found and picked necklaces for his Mamaw.  I haven’t even seen them this year.  He picked the right size shirt that Adam needed, he would reach out and pick a shirt and it would magically be the right size.  How did he do that? I mean really, it has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion and in more than one location.

So we will continue with some traditions as tomorrow is Christmas Eve…. I can’t wait.  Some of the traditions are new and some are old.  We are going to be eating at Cracker Barrel, going to Candle light service, visiting a grave, having church on Christmas, and opening presents.  Oh I can’t forget eating… there is so much ham and hash brown casserole, haystacks, chocolate yes lots and lots more.  I am thankful that Christmas isn’t about the gifts but about Jesus being born.  I am thankful that for us Christmas is about family and about doing things together.  I am honored that I have a God that loves me so much that I have family and that I have experiences in my life that have shown me that it isn’t about the things. 

Last year we had to make Christmas at the hospital, yes I know that sounds wrong but it is what I meant.  We found out on the 23rd that we were going to be at the hospital for Christmas, we got a little tree, dressed it up.  We went to the dollar store and got wrapping paper and all the decorations we could pull off the shelves… we wrapped the pictures in wrapping paper with huge bows on it.  We hung santas up and we did all we can…. We owned it.  When Christmas Day rolled around, Aden, Zach, Adam and I woke up at the hospital, Santa arrived and left presents.  The moody’s came with a huge spread of food… I mean everything and we set up a buffet in Zach’s room.  We made the best of it, Christmas isn’t about a place it is about what you believe and who you are with.  We know that Jesus was born and we know that we are blessed with family and friends that care. 

Tonight I want to end with you the sentiment of the ornament that we presented to the Moody’s…

I’ll be home for Christmas
And one day so will you.
The angels are waiting and
I’ll be waiting too!!!

To my family:  Adam, I am honored beyond words, know that I am here ALWAYS.  Aden, I am so proud of you and can hardly believe how big you are.  You are AMAZING!!!! Zachary, I love you and I am so honored that I am your mom!!! You taught me what Christmas is all about.  I am honored and thankful, please save me a hug or two and maybe a cupcake!! The Moody's, I love yall and I am thankful that you consider me to be yalls.  I don't know what I would do without yall.  Thank you isn't enough but I will continue to say it!  To my friends, you know who I am talking about... thank you for hanging with me and walking this road with me.  I love yall and am thankful for yall

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  1. That is beautiful, Jen. Merry Christmas, and many ((((HUGS)))