Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am not a person who seeks out heat.  My husband however, will tell you in a heartbeat, he isn’t built for cold.  7 years ago, when Adam and I got married, I went and bought him this very large heating pad.  He made fun of it, I mean it was Jen sized, not Adam sized but I knew how bad he got stomach issues, how often he got headaches, and how bad his feet hurt.  So I bought the biggest on that I could that night not really realizing how big it was. 

Well, we have had discussions lately about it not getting as warm and it taking forever to get warm, so in the back of my head I thought, I know that he doesn’t really want anything but this would be something that he appreciated for Christmas.  I can do this, he would appreciate this.  So…there you have it an idea for a wonderful man, to make his life better.  Well I don’t like heat and tonight he threw it on me trying to get it out of the way it wasn’t hot at all, I was shocked and appalled, he needed it for his stomach and there wasn’t heat there to help him. 

So I got redressed and at 11:25pm I went to walmart to get a new heating pad.  Now standing there I had two options… 1. The new one that heats in 30 secs and was really soft and in red or 2.  The King size one; you know the huge one like what I bought 7 years before.  Well, 12 x24 is huge for a heating pad esp on a person that is 110 pounds on a bad day (or wait is that a good day).  So I stood there with the Wal-Mart lady looking at me wondering what in the world was taking me so long.  I decided to go with the King size one again.  It had been so good for Adam and many times we needed the length we would wrap his feet in it and he could rest with it instead of struggling to keep it on him.  So I bought it and came home.  When Adam got it unwrapped and saw that it was a big one he smiled ear to ear… he was thankful for the long one. 

All this to say tonight my husband is thankful for a heating pad and I am thankful that I can go to get the king one and that he could use it to sleep better. Thankful I am for heat and for my emergency run to the store.  The only downfall I can't buy it for him for Christmas anymore

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