Friday, December 16, 2011

This is a post like no other; it is a note to say how much I appreciate you! Now I know that there are many different people reading this and ones that I know in real life and ones that I know from being on line.  I want to say Thank you in public.

See for the past year, 2011, I can honestly say without people in my life I wouldn’t have made it.  The love, the support, the laughter, and the tears.  I haven’t been the only one hurting but we have learned we aren’t in this alone, ARE WE??? NOPE we aren’t! All together we get to take the things that God has given us and we get to walk forward taking it each step at a time.

I have had a friend get really upset with me, well not upset but no longer willing to listen to me whine, NOW, I will admit it hurt and still hurts deeply.  I miss talking to her daily; I miss her mom advice and her love.  I am hesitant to say a prayer request or to let her know about the bumps in my life, but you know what I am the most thankful for, that she cares.  She stood up and reminded me that there are GOOD things, even when you are in the valley; too look at them and to pay attention to those things as well.  I pray for her and I am thankful for here still, because she is a Godly woman who stood up to tell me that if I don’t look for the good I will never see the good.  Got it, Looking and rejoicing over the little things because there are so many.  I pray that in 2012, we can become close again.  I miss you and miss the mom like love you gave me and the Godly influence you have.

I have had several friends that have allowed me to chit chat with them LATE at night, when most of the world is sleeping I am often trying to get my brain to stop long enough for sleep to come.  Friends that through the distance have loved on me and helped me make it through hospitalizations, illnesses, tears, hurts and well everything.  I am thankful that I have had them and they are wonderful.  Friends that have helped with birthdays, Christmas and other items to make things more bearable for us.  They have helped us with all the little things that they thought were important and guess what they are important.  I have had diet coke show up, cupcakes and cookies show up, and other things that are slipping my mind at the moment.  I have had texts and private messages that have encouraged me and books sent in the mail.  I have been told that I can more than at some points I thought that I could, they were the people filling me up when all I wanted to do was stop and lose it.  Thank you for the encouragement

I can honestly say that I am blessed with wonderful family.  Adam, who I love dearly and who I would walk the world for. Aden, who is amazing and surprises me daily.  Zach who is blessed enough to be playing with my mother in Heaven.  In laws, which as my one put it recently are me in loves, they love me and my family and I am never alone with them, they check on me daily and they make sure that I know that I don’t have to do this alone and that when I am at my weakest they have been able to step in without me asking and love on me in a way that I can’t express..  A number of Aunts, who email, im, text and keep up with us no matter how busy we are, some of them have accepted me as theirs, which is the best feeling ever!!!! I am thankful for family that CARES and who loves on me

The take home, I so could write forever, saying THANK YOU for everything.  I have had a rough year but I have had a great year too.  I have been blessed beyond what I could have ever hoped or imagined.  I am praying that you know how much you mean to me and that I am praying that you have a great 2012.  Things may get hard but you are never alone.  May you know that you matter!

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