Saturday, December 3, 2011


So yesterday it was joy, today it is family.  I have learned that family is one of the things that can be described in many ways.  Many say Family is only those that are genetically related to you, then the change that theory to believe that you can adopt in but it is a long drawn out process and that is hard to do. Some don’t believe in family only that they are part of the team that helps them do things that they need to do.    I have learned over many years that family is what you make it.

I am blessed… I have a family that I married into.  I have the family that has been given to me by God.  I have the family that has been with me for many years and then I have had those that I have been blessed with from life experiences.

I have several friends that I have was blessed with as a child, we went through school together and some of the things that we are going through.  I have several friends that I have only had for the past hmmm 5 years but they are so important to me.  I have friends that I feel care about me enough to let me ask them mom questions.  I have friends that care enough for me to tell me what I need to hear not just want I want to hear.

I have friends, well whole families that I have gotten to know because of instances that many would want to change.  Many that I ask about and talk to every day, some of the multiple times a day.   To spent events with them, to pray for them as they go through challenging times, to literally help them have a good time doing laser tag.  To miss them when they aren’t there or when you can’t talk to them often.  To hate that they are multiple states away, to cry when you can’t help.  To stand up and encourage, to LOVE. 

Family is what you make it… it is those that care about, love one, help, and encourage.  I am thankful for all those that will help me and that love me that are part of my family.  I am thankful to know that I am never alone and that I don’t have to do it alone. 

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