Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not alone

So bare with me I am typing this on the iPad but I feel so strongly about during this season and particularly today to do this.

In life it comes to a place for all of us, granted for very different reasons, that we feel very alone. When we sit down and look at the pile of clothes, the bills on the table, the screaming child and we wonder... Am I the only one???

I have learned that it isn't just knowing that there are others out there it is knowing that you have people that care enough to step out with you. The person that is willing to love on you when the rest of the world judges. Be honest we have all judged someone for something that we don't know the full story about. We have all been the person wondering why there is a little boy wearing bright red rain boots in the middle of sunny 100 degree weather. We have all been guilty of wondering why that 6 year old is still in pull ups. However, we never stop to know the full story.

If we are all guilty of all these thoughts why is it we think we are alone when it comes to hurting, struggling and dealing with all the emotions of this world. For several years we dealt with Zach's illness on our own, we didn't want to be looked at as complaining or whatever. Those years were hard, they were devestating to me as a mom, wife and friend. I couldnt do it because i was sucked into the I am the only one theory. You know that thought, no one will be able to understand or be able to help or better yet the if they knew... You fill in the blank, then they would not like me anymore or would be disappointed in me.

Now I am gong to say this, get in touch with me and yell at me if you want to, but YOU.. The person reading this are not the only one. You can do this, you do have people that love you and care. The situation that you are going through isnt something that has to break you, it can make you stronger. Please let us help, let us love on you. Please know this is me too, I am trying hard to find the good, to feel like I am not alone, to know that I matter. I am struggling with my verbal words again, I am struggling with emotions that I don't want anyone to know but on the same hand this time I know that I am not alone. Will you Believe that you aren't alone either

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  1. Jen, you are so right- we all struggle with feelings of isolation. I'm so glad to know that if we both have to be on such a sad journey, we can travel together!