Monday, December 5, 2011


So If I follow the blog that I wrote the other day this one should be on LOVE. 

Love is one of those things that you can write days about… We all want to be loved.  We all use the word to express how much people mean to us.  We all use it in different levels, we love the meal, we love the song, we love the outfit or it can be we love our children, we love our spouse, and we love our family.  Those to loves can be very different.

One of the biggest things that we have learned is that LOVE isn’t something that you talk about it is something that you do.  Meaning, if you love someone you respect them, desire to help them and you care about them.  It is one of those things that you don’t know how to express that love to a person, mostly because each person is different.  You express your love to your spouse different than a friend.  You express your love to your best friend differently than someone that you just met. 

Love is the ability or desire to make sure that the other person feels cared about, helped, and not alone.  This is just my definition.  Now to define each of those sections in a way, when you have someone that cares about you feel like you aren’t alone.  You feel like you can walk through the challenges at least attempting to make it.  Family does this but so does friends… I have a friend well I should say friends that I know they love me; you know how I know that? They are up at odd hours and are willing to chat with me; they send me texts and emails.  They will let me fall asleep on them, when I am talking to them late at night and I fall asleep on them, they just say Good night, we will chat in the am.  They send me cards and thoughts at times that only can be God meant, when I needed or need them the most.  Several of them get mad when I don’t reach out to them when I need help, I am still learning.  I love when I can be the one to share my love and help but I am still not very good with asking for help.  My desire is that I will be the one that others call out to.  To be the one to share the love when they need it the most. 
This is probably why it hurts so much when things happen when without warning a friend moves, an action or lack of an action taken wrong, or a word being mistook.  It is one of those things we try to hard not to have happen but it does our actions or our words or lack of makes someone angry.  This is why love needs to not just be a verbal thing but an action thing.  You can put others first you can love on them you can allow them to be who they are.  You can make sure that they know that they aren’t alone, even when you can’t make it or be with them.  You can decide that they matter.  You can choose to do something for them even when they aren’t strong enough to ask

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