Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas time is officially here for my household…

-Aden is out of school.  I had my 1st room mom experience.  We made crafts, made an ornament, played games, ate, and went outside.  I don’t know how I did but I had a great time.  Aden seemed to enjoy it as well.

-I mailed a package overseas, for the 2nd year in a row, we packed a box and mailed it overseas, I was thankful when I was told that it would still make it before Christmas.

-We went shopping, this year we started a new tradition, the boys went out and the girls went out.  So this meant that Adam, Aden and papaw went out and then Mom (Adam’s mom, to not confuse others) and myself went.  It was great.

I am not sure what this week is going to hold but I know that it is busy…. I still need to get cards out.  I am beginning to think that those that told me that they won’t be Christmas cards but will be New Year’s cards might be right. I still have some shopping to do, shopping for some people that are very important in my life but that I just don’t know what to do and what to get.  It is the little things that I am clueless on.

However, I am thankful for a lot… for family, for friends, for a Godly church, for a friend whose house burnt down this year that she is back in it now, for a friend who was in a horrible car accident but survived.  Yes a number of things to be thankful for

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