Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

The boys are asleep; Santa has come and gone, He ate a cutie and left a note.   Christmas Eve is coming to a close… I am left sitting here trying to wind down before all of the things that we are doing tomorrow. 

We took tonight to do a few things that we wanted to do, we went to candlelight service, we had a great time listening to music and doing communion.  Aden fell asleep during the service snuggled up to daddy.  Then we went and had dinner at Adam’s parents, it was nice to have all of us (Mr. Moody, Mrs. Moody, Al, Adam, Aden and myself) under one roof.  We took the time to eat dinner tonight together and be together sharing some of our traditions with Adam’s parents.  The reading of “the 3 trees” and “The Crippled Lamb”, both stories that we read every year but that they had never heard.  We came home and we put on our Christmas PJ, I have to say that I am very excited about them.  We allowed Aden to open his 1 Christmas eve present… he was stoked and we played until he was sent to bed.  However before he made it to bed, he tracked santa online.  Then Aden thought that Santa might be hungry so he left Santa a Cutie (which is a type of orange), he put it in a bowl and left it for him. 

All this to lead up to Christmas morning… presents, family, sausage cheese balls and wrapping paper being thrown at us.  Merry Christmas to all who may read this blog, there has been hard times and there are good times too.  For this I stand strong and hold on… thankful that I have people that will hold my hand.

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