Thursday, November 3, 2011

Two things…

In my heart and on my mind… I can’t help but feel the tear, the pull of two things that I am not sure that I can explain. In this case I feel so tired. Tired, because I feel the sadness and pain of yet another family that lost a child and then I also feel the excitement of see and being part of God’s creation. I realize that there are things that I don’t know how to handle that only God is able to do. I have a family and I have friends that are only by God. However, that doesn’t mean that things are less hard or frustrating.

1st yesterday was a rough day for people that I know. One of the families that we know off line had a child that went to be with Jesus last night. This was something that was so hard and so much pain. I never have been told before yesterday… Zach has a new friend. Then I found out that a friend of mine who has a wonderful little boy, had to have a CT scan of his head, while he was in the CT scan machine he stopped breathing several time. A hard hard day. It was a hard day for someone that I know that is trying to decide how to handle all the things that they are going through: relationships, job situations, and money situations. It was a HARD day for me, lots of changes in the Moody household. Trying to deal with all of the things and all the emotions and the deaths and illnesses it HARD. It is tiring. Sometimes God doesn’t give us the words He just holds us in His hands. We aren’t called to fix it. We are NOT called to have the right words or to make it better, we are called to be good friends and to help those that we can.

2nd… Today, I went up to apple country and I was able to have a great day… to see all the trees. Orange, yellow, red, brown… it is amazing and breathtaking. It makes me wonder how God orchestrated all the colors and why He decided that we needed so many lovely colors. However, today it was a perfect reminder that everything is for a season. That there is a God ordained time for everything, for all the good things and for all the bad things. That there is a time for being born and for death, to laugh and to cry I have learned this well lately. It was a gentle reminder that it is going to be okay, that God has a plan.

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