Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sometimes there are things that we start that take forever, well in this case Adam started something a year ago and he has been working hard on it. He has been studying a lot, and trying to learn all the things that he needed for the exams. As most exams he struggled to learn everything that he needed to know and to know it to a degree that he could answer the question to the degree that he needed to know.

In October, Adam took the 4th and final part of the CPA exam. He took 3 of the parts and did well, passing them and therefore being done with those sections. Then he took the 4th exam in May and failed it. We both were okay with that. We hated it because of having to pay for the exam again but we understood it was a stressful time for all of us but esp him dealing with Zach being so sick, the hospitals, working, studying and Aden. I was sad that he had to take it again but I understood and tried my best to encourage him not to give up and to keep going. So as we waited for the exam to be graded, I knew that we weren’t waiting on the results as much as were waiting on Aden to take the 4 sections and to declare then DONE. For Adam to reaffirm that this journey, at least this part, is done.

I am thankful that I am blessed enough to go through this with him. CONGRATULATIOINS ADAM.. you are my love, I love you more than you will even know

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