Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Start for Aden…

So today was a new start for Aden… he started a new school today! We went to class, we went to the library, and we did so much. When I left this morning it was hard for me, he was apprehensive and was concerned about knowing how to do things. I reassured him that he would be fine, that he was going to be in his class doing class work and that he would have a great time. For a child who normally isn’t worried about it and is pretty much “a don’t look back child”. I was concerned.

I showed up a tad early because it is about 45 mins from our house so I didn’t want to drive all the way back home, I got to see him enjoying himself. I got to hear him playing and it seemed to be wonderful. I picked Aden up and gave him the option of the playground or the library. I was shocked when he asked for the library. I later found out that he wanted a shark book and a dinosaur book. We got those and he played 15 mins of a reading game and we headed home.

He had a wonderful time and was so excited talking about all that he did and telling me about new classmates. I am so thankful that we were given this opportunity, We moved him for several reasons. One was that he needed to be challenged more. However Adam and I wanted also to allow Aden to be him. We wanted him to learn scripture and who God is. We want him to be able to work and be challenged but I wanted him to be able to be upset, sad, or need a tad more emotional if he needed it. Losing a brother is a HUGE deal, what he has been through is HUGE and having a smaller class will be a wonder for thing for him. Being in a small class will also allow his personality to shine. He will be allowed to be wonderful and ADEN!!!!

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