Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hard days, hard times, things that are not explainable. I feel like it is something that I can’t explain, but you know that all of us have been there. Where things have bothered us and we can’t love on those that we need to love on the way that we need to. In this case I have learned that it is often something that I can’t express,

So what do we do… In this case I have figured out that I don’t do anything, I wait. God’s timing is PERFECT and WONDERFUL, so here I sit! With my arms opened wide and my heart trying to relearn all the things that are being tossed at it. This is so important as life is changing and things are happening.

Aden is doing so well, he loves his new school and I am feeling quite blessed that he is there, he is doing well and loving to learn. He is able to eat there at school and it isn’t too hard on his stomach. He knows all of his classmates’ names; he should since there are only 5 others. He is learning other things like whose family had multiple children and all that. I got to do one of the projects with the children and I am delighted that he will get many more. He is starting to read and that is wonderful, there is nothing like hearing Aden read, it is amazing to me. Then on Friday we will get to have a thanksgiving feast and I am so so so excited about it. He is so excited to be learning and is constantly asking things. He is learning about God’s love as well.

So as hard as things have been we are learning there is a new normal, not sure what that will feel like or what it means but I know that God is there

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