Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well I am officially sick, it is the 1st time I have been sick in a while. This is something that I am feeling pretty lucky because this is just my throat and when I cough my chest. I know that it can be so so so much worse. I am feeling very honored that this morning I could curl up and I could sleep, that I could get my body the rest it needs to heal.

I have to say that this past week Aden got some work sent home from school. Adam and I have always been amazed and proud of Aden and his abilities. He has shown us that he is compassionate, caring, smart, and flexible. When we saw his work from school we got to see how he was doing in school. Adam and I both wanted to climb onto of a mountain and scream that he was our son. His work was amazing. Aden can’t always tell us what he wants to do or what he did in school but he always has at least one thing that he likes to tell us about. He loves to be social and involved as well how wonderful.

Sunday night we were watching tv and a little girl that was in the rehab unit at the same time as Zach was, was on the tv. Aden asked if Zach knew her and we told him yes, they were there at the same time. He looked at us, then turned and looked at the TV, when he turned back around he asked us if he could pray for her, that she wouldn’t have to go back to hospital. It was a sweet moment. He has such a caring spirit and is wonderful when it comes to his ability to help others. He is enjoying all of the things that he is learning during Awana. I am very proud of him.

Family is a gift that God gives us. I am blessed with an amazing family!!!

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