Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazing Blessings…

Today was a day that I can honestly say we have been praying for a while, In this case today was the day that Adam took the last part of the CPA exam. This is his second time taking the exam, he took this same exam in May and he failed it. Who could blame him, Zach was Sick, really sick, our family was tired, we were living each day trying to hold ourselves together as a family. He did his best and was close to it but the final grade was a fail. So today was the day that he took it again. Today was also a day that Adam and I went to go get some of the testing that Aden had done. In this case it was to see how we can help Aden in school; Aden is a huge blessing and is extremely bright. These tests were designed to help us know what to do for him.
I was able to have lunch with my husband, it was unexpected and much needed… to be able to talk and enjoy each other. It was a huge blessing, it was wonderful to be in a resturant full of people and to be by ourselves, you know being wrapped up in only each other. I was able to talk to a dear friend on the phone, well, two of them. Both of these people were and are huge blessings in my life. Both are Christian women who have loved on me no matter what is going on. Both called kinda unexpected but HUGELY appreciated. In fact I wasn’t done talking to one but my phone kept cutting me off, I was MAD that I was cut short with her.  The other it has been a long time since I have talked to her and I have forgotten how much she means to me and how much God can speak through a person.  She spoke to my heart!

My father in law who is a staple in our lives, he is always willing to put himself aside and do things for us.  We couldn't do all the things that we do without Adam's wonderful parents,they are wonderful and they love on us in such an amazing and Godly way. In this case he was watching Aden for us while we went and got results. When I dropped Aden off, I was told to head home and that they would bring Aden back to me tonight. I was thankful actually I was honored, I mean it was one less thing to do, I know selfish but honest. They surprised us by coming and bringing dinner, to be able to sit around the table and laugh and enjoy. What an honor!!! I appreciate them more than I can type.

Then I got this card tonight in the mail… Now I understand the whole sending cards of encouragement it is something that I do often. However, I don’t think that I have ever received cards from another person in the best time possible than from this person. I got a card tonight and I was appreciative and honored. How amazing? Why is it amazing? Because God saw that I needed some love and I needed some encouragement and He let someone know that I did and that person even states away pay attention to it.

See we each have days and sometimes WEEKS, maybe months that seem to go on forever, ever, and ever. We struggle with the many things that are in our lives. We struggle to do the things, take care of our children, do our jobs, clean our clothes, etc. One of my biggest things that I felt let to do is to pray for and to encourage my friends as they have encouraged me. I am thankful that God loves me enough and that my friends love me enough! In this case it to see how things work… to know that God is ALWAYS with us!

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