Monday, October 10, 2011

Blessed and Amazed

Another day and I can say that I am in awe… TIRED and not feeling 100% but still an AMAZING day.

I have realized that I am blessed with family that cares, with friends that care, with family that I care about and friends that I care about. It is Monday and it is rainy but I have to say it is nice and calming.. I can say that I am tired but I am blessed to have a house that will keep me dry. I am blessed with getting to curl up and love on my son. I can think back on the weekend that I had and be delighted. I have family time, laughing and playing and a good time and then I can think about going to a friend’s house and getting to know them more and getting to develop a relationship with them. It is such a sweet sweet thing. A God given thing for sure.

I am saddened though by several im’s that I got… 1. Whose son is having issues and the doctors are saying that there are only a few more options but that even with the best results that the child has a shortened life. I understand that pain, slightly different situation so I don’t completely understand but there are no words for the pain that is there and for the anger of wanting to hurt those that can’t help your child. I am continuing to pray and hope that they know that we are always there for them. There is nothing harder than the path that they are on. 2. Then a friend of mine is going to be moving, I don’t know when and while I completely understand my heart breaks. The good thing is that I know how to use facebook and I know how to text so we can always stay in touch but it is hard. I feel really blessed that I know her and the whole family but I will miss them greatly. 3. Then I got word that someone that I know was heading to the hospital because her daughter was going to be admitted, they don’t know how good or bad it is but my heart breaks for this mom and dad. I don’t talk to them much anymore but my heart isn’t harden to them and to the things they are going through I care about them deeply.

All this is to remind me that God is always with me. That even in rough times God is there, I am never alone, we are never alone. It is written in the Bible that “He will never leave us or forsake us” doesn’t mean it will be easy it means that He will be here with us at all time. He tells us that nothing can take us out of God’s hand once we are there… the only way to be there is to accept Him. Well it is to Admit that we are sinners (that we do things wrong, which we all do). Believe that Jesus (God’s only son) died on the cross and that He was raised on the third day. Then we have to confess and turn our ways towards Him. This doesn’t mean that we never miss up, do things wrong, get upset, have bad things happen… it simply means that God is walking with us. It is how you get a peace that passes all understanding it is how you can grieve like there is hope. It is how we can live the life that God intended us to be.  It means that I can pray for those that I love and those that I care about.  I am thankful that my God is bigger than the boogie man, that He is bigger than all the monsters and all the things that can bother us.

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