Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blessings and Hard times…

That seems like a title that doesn’t really exist but I am here to tell you that it does. I think that with all the things that God has allowed us to go through that we are learning that to keep our eyes on Christ sometimes means that we hurt in ways that the world doesn’t understand.

I have had a hard time, it is the start of the holiday season. Now for us and for the Moody’s this is the time that we spend lots of time with family. I have always had a hard time, not a huge hard time but a little bit of a hard time, because my mother died the Friday after thanksgiving in 2002. It was a black Friday for sure, however, one filled with joy. Why because my mother was whole again, she wasn’t hurting anymore, she had NO cancer. The following thanksgiving, 2003, I promptly started a new tradition. I got up and went shopping for black Friday. Last year for this tradition I had a dear friend of mine in town and I had a blast with her. It was a GREAT year for that. This year I am unsure of what is going to happen, I know that I am delighted to have family and friends that will surround us during this time. However, I am sad, I miss my mom and I miss my little man, Zach! I wonder if my mom is keeping up with Zach or if Zach has to keep up with my mom, all she ever wanted to do was pour her love into her family and into the children of the family. I am sure that Zach is spoiled rotten.

Then I thought about Christmas, this is the one of the two days that means the most to our family. We have a faith in God, in Jesus and because of that Christmas means a lot to us. It is a family day, starting off with sausage cheese balls and grandparents coming, we see family, we cook, and we are together as a whole. Last year we had to alter our plans it was different, we altered out place but the one thing that didn’t change was that our family was together. So once again this year it is going to focused family but I am so unsure how emotionally I am going to be able to handle it.

However, in thinking about this holiday time, I have to tell you that our family has already been blessed. Zach touched many and one of the people that he touched had her husband go to be with Jesus. As part of sharing his legacy, she donated an ipod touch to Zach. Zach was inseperatable from it. One day about 7 months ago, Zach was at a restaurant and he sat it down on the table as I got his oxygen, tpn, fluids and all together to leave, someone walked by and took it. I was devastated, and honestly that doesn’t cover it, I mean Zach loved this and it was an honor to get it. I cried and cried and cried about it but I realized that we would never see it again.

So I got an email this week from apple that stated that a local county law enforcement office was questioning them about an ipod, so they forwarded me the information. Because the person that gave it to Zachary got it inscribed with “Zach Moody, God Bless You” They were able to google his name, finding out that he was no longer alive, They went the extra mile to make contact with me. I drove today to go and get it. It has more scratches on it than when it got taken and it was wiped from all the data and pictures that were on it but we have the unit back.

This is important to us because we were going to start a tradition of getting something for Aden from Zach for Christmas. This year we will be getting an otterbox case, new headphones and loading this ipod up to give it to Aden. Aden will be given back his brothers ipod. Adam and I fill like Zachary had his 5 mins and had it returned to his brother. Aden has no clue and we don’t plan on telling him that we have it back!

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