Thursday, October 20, 2011

People learn…

People learn based on what they are around, Children learn by what is done to them, what they are around and how they are expected to act. Today I had an instance that made me thankful that Aden has a loving family and that he knows that not everyone is alike. Aden has been having some medical issues and since he came home yesterday and totally crashed I didn’t give his medications, I mean he doesn’t have a Gtube he has to be awake to take meds that are liquids and meds that are gummies. Today he had an instance where he needed me at school, he was able to convience them to call but we have a code phrase that lets me know that He needs his medication. Something that is normal but tells me that he is hurting. He had to ask the nurse multiple times to tell me the statement. Finally right before she hung up with me I heard him say something and I asked her, she told me he needs me to tell you that “his stomach hurt”. This was the one piece of information I needed to know, I packed meds and got things and headed to his school. While I was there helping him and giving meds the nurse questioned me on if I had this and that. When I said yet she rolled her eyes and turned. I could have gotten over that, however, with others students there, she then proceeded to degrade my son because of this problem. Aden looked at me and asked me if he had to stay, with tears in his eyes he told me that he couldn’t help it and that he was sorry. I looked at him, pulled him close, and loved on him. I told him that school was important and that he needed to finish. So he asked if I would walk him to his classroom, he needed to know it was okay. So I gladly took my sons hand and walked him back to class, proud that he is so amazing.

So let me tell you what you do matters, no one saw his tears or the hurt on his face. No one knows what goes through his head, and guess what he isn’t the only one. We all are this way, we learn what emotions to hide and which ones are okay. We learn who we can talk to and who we can be real with and who can’t. Aden is a sweet, caring, loving, amazing child because of ALL that he was exposed to. He is amazing because he has people that love on him. Hold your children tight let them know that you love them, that they are good enough, to keep trying and that all is okay.

My heart is upset but I have never been so proud of my son, he took the upsetness put it away and walked into class. Smiling and acting like all is okay

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