Saturday, January 28, 2012

a look back

November 1st, Aden and I started a new adventure.  Aden started a private school and I started working at the school working in a young class.  Aden needed a different environment, he needed to be somewhere that would love on him and a place that would allow him to grieve and process something that no child should have to go through.  We also needed somewhere that would be able to work with him and develop the strengths that he already had and help him be the amazing little boy that he is.  A place that would listen to our wishes and help support the things that were occurring in our family.   We were also praying about putting him in a place that would also pour the foundations of God in his mind and heart.  A place that he would be able to go to chapel and learn the things that he might need to be well rounded in his faith to help support the things that we were teaching him at home and that he was hearing at church. 
In November Aden because the newest member of his kindergarten class, it now consists of 2 boys and 4 girls.  He is surrounded by love and by people that will take the time to support him.  They unfortunately have dealt with death and grief and so they have been a huge blessing to Aden.  He has been able to be focused on and allowed to move at a faster pace than he was in public school.  He has also surprised MaMaw and PaPaw by being able to tell them a complete Bible story from start to finish.  He is learning not only the bible stories but he is also learning verses.  He is able to eat lunches there and to have a social aspect that he couldn’t at the other school, they watch out for the things that he can’t eat because of allergies.  They have loved on him through his medical issues and haven’t made fun of him or pointed him our as being different.  He loves going to school know and loves the people that he sees and interacts with daily. 

In November I started helping one of the younger classes and involving myself back in the gift that God has given me which is dealing with young children and helping those that need extra support.  I have enjoyed being able to love them and being involved in things that are going on.  I have had the chance to love on some that need extra love on bad days and I have been loved on more on the days that I need more loving as well.  I have started to develop friendships and understand what it means like to have people that are willing to pray for you and willing to help you walk daily.  I am also being allowed to use the gift that Zach helped me develop even more and deal with students that might need some extra help.  This is something that I haven’t done for others since I had Zach; I poured it all into him.  Now 7 months later, God told me that it was time to step up and start again.  I am honored to be in a place that will allow me to love on and help develop the students that are there.

Why is this in the blog today??? Good question the reason is, God has blessed me with a gift, a talent.  I don’t see it but I know from others that it is there, I see it as just something that I love to do.  God has allowed me to start new with something that I never thought that I would, which is working in a school and helping the students that might need extra help, and I love it.  I have to admit though I have been struggling with letting God work through me, I didn’t understand it all, I didn’t understand how God was choosing to use me when I was so emotional and so hurt by all that has occurred in the last 7 months, but now that I am stepping up and stepping out doing what God wants me to do I can see the happiness coming back.  Striving to find out what my purpose is, to figure out why I am here and why I have been through all I am.  God however, is showing me that He has us in his hands, while Aden might have had a rough start to the school year; he is now exactly where he needs to be.  While I might struggle with all the emotions and overwhelmness of things, I am right where I need to be with the wonderful loving ladies that have pulled up beside me and allowed me to be me.  God is revealing His plan little by little but He has called me to walk by Faith, that hasn’t been easy but I am happy to say that I am now stepping out on that path that He has blessed me with.  HONORED and humbled!!!

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