Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 of 2012 and I am just getting to my blog, short answer of why.  I ran away… I got in the van with my family and left town.  Ok, so I will admit it was like a last minute decision that we were actually going to do it and then once there some mentioned the word beach.  Now for those that don’t know my family, you might not know that I have a 6year old boy, Aden, who should live at the BEACH, he loves the beach.

We decided that we would in fact take him to the beach and let him enjoy it…. Enjoy it he did.  I think that someone forgot to tell Aden that the water is cold in December because he got in and enjoyed it.  We walked on the beach, saw an amazing Christmas Beach tree, wrote in the sand and had a great time.  We missed Zach being there with us but we laughed, cried, and had a great time.  The beach is Aden’s ultimate place to be.

2012, I am not sure what is going to come out of it but I know that God isn’t done with us yet.  What is my hope?… my hope is that no one feels like they are walking through life alone, that the isolation that come with having a sick child or a child that has died will be wiped away, that I will be able to touch someone and help them when it appears that life is too hard for them.  My goal is to be a great mother, wife and family member.
2012 is going to be different for us… totally relying on God, being good friends, loving on those that need us to and allowing others to love on us

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