Friday, January 27, 2012

a few days...

It has been a few days since I posted and I have to admit it was kinda on purpose, I have had some things that I needed to deal with and handle and pray about so I could be truly okay with some it all.

Throughout the years God has been with us without a doubt, however, recently I felt like I was being punished and having a hard time with it.  I knew I wasn’t but really with all that was going on I had forgotten that I am Gods daughter.  Why is this important? How much do you love your child, children? I love mine and I would do anything in my power to make everything okay and to keep them from harm.  God loves us even more. 

God has placed some very important people in my life and each one has done a totally different role and while I have been nervous and even scared to embark on it, it was something that I needed to do.  God has called me to trust Him and trust others and to be more transparent.  Now, not everyone needs to know everything but no one can help if they don’t know what to pray for or what needs to be done.  So I asked God simply “WHO?” and surprise God took all the doubt out by naming who.  Not only did God tell me who but He told me that He would be with me to give me the words that I needed to say. 

I started on this journey this week.. Trying to talk, well verbal still sucks but texting is fabulous.  Why am I telling you this?  It is so hard in the midst of our troubles to know that we aren’t alone.  We are never alone and no matter how much we think that people don’t care.  They do care and they want to help.  They need to know what… I hate telling people that we need blank, trust me I get it but I have realized that there are needs that others can help with and I need to allow God to work however, He desires to be all that we need and desire.  I am the one people come to and I rather it be that way.  However, God designed us to cling to HIM during all of the struggles and the daily things that come our way.  He does however, give us people on our paths that will help us and love on us.  I am thankful for the new ones that I have, how wonderful and peaceful it has been since letting God work and listening to Him.

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