Monday, January 23, 2012


Well I'm an emotional person, I struggle with them. I hurt when others hurt and I feel good when others feel good. I have also learned that in being emotional it is very hard to deal with all of the things that get thrown your way. It is like you know what you should do however, your mind And heart disagree.

This is where I am at this moment, I know what I should be doing, I know how everyone thinks I should be doing, I know however the things that are bubbling up things are kinda crazy. Everyone has things that effect them in ways that people don't understand. The emotions that bubble up when you least expect them too.

So what emotions are there:

See some good and some bad, some hurtful some not, some that you may understand some you make shake your head at. What happens when they all happen at once though? What happens when you walk into a place you feel safe and loved and before you can make it to the doors you start to bawl? Do you just let the tears come and let everyone see or do you feel like you have to quickly stop and hide all of the emotions? When you have a friend that keeps talking about pain or hurt do you listen or do you shut them down saying they are okay? Do you tell themthat thy just dont want to see the good or that they just want to hurt? Do you tell them that they arent listening to God or that they are not reading their Bible enough? What happens if they need to just say it and deal with the words of all that has been happening but everyone just keeps telling them they are okay so they start to feel like they aren't doing things okay and are feeling like they are wrong for hurting because no one seems to care that they are really hunting? What happens if they just need to know that they are not alone? What happens if they just need people to be okay with them talking because they aren't telling the world just those that are safe? What if you are the ONLY one they are talking to? What if it took them days to get up the courage to say something and then they are met with being told that they are okay or any of those comments?

Emotions are real, you may not understand them but they are there, they effect everything you feel and do. This is a rainy horribly yucky Monday and I am reminded it is all going to be okay, the emotions I have are real and will need to be worked through but I am okay. I am reminding myself that I am worth it and I will be okay

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