Monday, January 16, 2012


I am thankful that God loves me, I am thankful that He sends signs to let me know that things are going to be okay.  Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I started to worry about the little things, I know better, I know that I can't do anything by worrying but there were things that kept coming up to the surface.  This morning I helped Adam get off to his meetings and I started to think of all the things that we need to do.  I took out trash, did dishes, did all of the things that I could get started. 

I have learned that I am not one that easily says that what I need or when I need help.  I have learned that if someones wants to bless us that I accept it graciously.  I have a hard time opening my mouth and admitting when my heart is hurting and when I might need help.  This is one thing that I am thankful that God doesn't depend on me to have all the answers.

I am thankful that God blesses me no matter what... I am thankful for family that loves on me and that helps us when we need it, willing to watch Aden and that I love to be with and to travel with.  I am thankful for having a wonderful husband who will do everything that he can to provide for us.  I am honored to be married and to truely LOVE my husband.  I am thankful for friends... those friends that I have had for a long time and for those that I am just getting to know.  For the ones that have gotten married and had little ones, ones that are willing to share the little ones with me.  I love them... JP, I love you today and always!!! I am thankful we are close again and that I get to share your little elf, he is precious and so perfect.  I am thankful for the friends that are willing to share with me when I have questions that don't have answers.  The ones that know who I am but don't get mad when I doubt certain things.  In this case I am thankful that we had people who bless us with items, with the little things.

Remember those little things that I was worrying about last night before I went to sleep, the ones that I knew I shouldn't have worried about but I was... God blessed us with some things that took care of those little things.   Like God always done, He takes care of those who are His.  I am honored that God cares about all things even the little things

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