Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's a new day

So God does Amazing things… I always knew it, sometimes it is hard, but I knew it.  The hardest time to see this is when you have a bad thing, a tragedy occur.  It is no secret that I am still learning how to make it day by day after Zach’s death.  It is something that I had to radically change my life afterwards… losing friends, losing my identity, losing my routine, losing my SON.  However, this post isn’t about the bad, the hard or the trials.  This is about the Amazing things that have occurred!

While Zach was alive our life was always up in the air, we never could plan things because of his health being unstable.  Aden never knew who he was going to be with or if he was going to be staying the night with his family or someone else.  Aden wasn’t invited to birthday parties, he was left out of things because parents thought it was contagious or they thought it would be too much work on me.  I stressed about school but I didn’t have much choice because of Zach’s health.

So now I can honestly look back and from November 2011 till now and I know that God has blessed Aden, not just Aden but Me as well.  During the first part of 2011, I prayed and prayed that Aden would start to develop friendships that would matter.  I prayed and prayed that Aden would get the Godly base that he needs.  I prayed and prayed that Aden would get the educational base.  I prayed and prayed and really I prayed some more that Aden would get a teacher that cared enough and that would help him make it through all of the emotions that he has.  In doing this I talked to several about private schools that they went to and I was in the midst of praying about it. 

During all of these prayers about Aden, I prayed for me.  I needed to have something to do and I needed to fill in some of the holes that I had and some of the emotions.  It was during this time that I was told that I may be helpful at HOPE Academy.  I prepared my resume and my references,  I brought my background check and I went. During the interview I felt God asking me to talk about a spot for Aden.  Well the rest is history, Aden is in fact at HOPE and so am I. 

The Awesomeness that it has brought is amazing…. Aden has friends, Aden has had teachers (not just his grade teachers but other teachers) that care about him, Aden has the ability to help others that have had fathers and other relatives die, Aden has gotten to learn that school maters but emotions do to.  Yesterday we went to Lego Land Atlanta, it was a schoolwide field trip which was amazing. K2-12th grade, Aden was excited but I will be honest I was too.  I knew that we would have a good time but I never expected the blessing that I got.  How AWESOME is it to spend a day doing Legos and have it count as school???

I got to talk to several parents that I don’t know very well, at least one conversation that I am waiting to see where it goes and what evolves into. I got to build blocks and have competitions with the adults.  We had rematches after rematches; while the kids played we did to.  We were able to learn as well.  I realized how blessed I am to have a friend that cares about me, one that can read me and can ask the right question at the same time, one that isn’t afraid to drink after me or that we can have community plates at dinner.  I am blessed to have other staff members that I can pull up floor with and chat.  I was blessed to get to know another parent even more and I have to say it was a blast to talk, laugh, and have a good time. 

We spent all day there and we decided we would just do dinner out together so I called Adam and asked him to meet us there since he worked semi close and we walked over to dinner.  We had a table of 5 adults and 4 children, sitting at table watching all of the kids playing.   I couldn’t help but think we are now at a place that we matter! I am waiting to see what will happen next

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  1. This fills my heart with happiness for you :) Hugs .....