Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Remember in my last post when I said that I sometimes just think about random things… today’s is a message that I feel deeply about and it is one that surprises me.

I have a friend who I ask questions to when I need to know something about allergies, not that she knows everything but she knows where to go to get answers.  She has helped me find doctors that will be more the style of medicine that our family needs.  She has been willing to talk to me at odd hours and to be chit chat about everything.  Today, I was reminded about how the simple things can make a huge difference.  In this case CAKE!!!!

When your birthday rolls around what is one way that you celebrate??? For most of us it is a cupcake or a cake! What happens if you are allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten?  What happens if you allergic to it all?  What if you are a child that needs to have a very special cake, cupcake or cookie made or you can’t have it at all? Now I faced this in a small scale when we celebrated Zachary’s birthday because he went from having a milk protein allergy to not being able to eat anything, however Zachary never really loved to eat.  He wanted to make the cupcakes but didn’t care to eat it!  I have friends that can’t eat anything but potatoes and plain chicken… can you make a cake with that???

Today I was reminded of this as I was thinking about several families that I know that face this… There are amazing people in this world!!! In this case seeing a business card at a doctor’s office I was reminded of Cake.  It made me smile to know that someone is out here that cares that much.  The card was for the lady, the friend, that made Zachary’s last cake and who made Aden’s 6 year old birthday cake.  Someone who took the time to talk to Aden and design a cake that was exactly the way that he wanted it even when he honestly didn’t know what he wanted.  I was able to order GF cupcakes from her for a friend of mine that I wanted to surprise.  She works with an organization that is called Icing Smiles, whose goal is to provide cakes to children that have illnesses and to their siblings.  I have seen her make things for children and adults who can’t eat the things that I take for granted. 

Now I have been talking a lot about Remembering Zachary and making donations to help families in the hospital.  I have been talking about my friend and compassion but today I want to put a plug in for a friend and her amazing company Sweet Startts!  www.sweetstartts.com is her website.   She has decided to use her talents to touch all those that she can. I have seen and heard the time that she spends making dreams come true! Take a moment and look at her stuff and if you need something that she can do (which seems like everything) contact her!  Her heart is amazing she cares and is amazingly talented.  I know that she is going to kill me for writing this post but it was something that was laid on my heart today while checking out of a doctor’s office!  The next time you eat cake or a cupcake think about those that can’t eat it! I know that I do!

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