Thursday, August 30, 2012


It’s a small piece of material… probably ½ inch tall and about 2 ½ inches long.  It comes in different colors and patterns.  Some of them have characters, some are made for boys and some are made for girls.  Some of them are pretty and some of them are boring.  They actually come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Children tend to LOVE using them; Parents decide to give in just to stop hearing them whine.  When they are needed they are used to help people get better and they are used to make things better, typically they follow tears and screams although not always and typically kisses and hugs follow.

Any clue on what I am talking about????

If you guessed Band-Aids then you are correct!  They are little things that we use on our children when they get hurt, sometimes even placing them on booboos that don’t exist.  As adults we don’t use them often for ourselves, however, every now and thing it comes to the instance when you need them.  I haven’t had to use them a whole lot for Aden… a busted chin, a scratched knee, a bug bite that needed protection from fingers that couldn’t stay away.  I used them a lot for Zach.  To be honest, Zach had them on him a lot.  He had them for iv’s, CVLs that got pulled, PICCs that got pulled, blood draws, falls, busted foreheads, scratched arms… well you get the point.

So why am I talked about Band-Aids, it is a weird topic to be writing about at midnight.  I should be going to sleep, I should be okay but instead I am thinking about Band-Aids.  Tonight I scratched my arm and I instinctively went to my purse and I grabbed a Band-Aid out of my purse.  As I was putting it on my arm I was talking to a good friend and she asked what was on the Band-Aid, she hadn’t seen them before.  I told her they were purple with dinosaurs that are skateboarding on them; TEARS welled up in my eyes and started streaming down my face.  Someone sitting at our table didn’t understand and my friend who was being a huge help to me explained it and instantly one got it and the other one was clueless having to be explained to multiple times.  Finally it was explained… “I had an almost 4 year old son who was very seriously ill and I lost him, these were his Band-Aids, hospital Band-Aids!”  The tears kept streaming down and I sat wondering why? How? What would I do to be able to place one more on Zach, one more onto Buddy? 

Really ALL this for a Band-Aid, a small piece of material used to cover an open wound on my arm, ripped my heart open WIDE open.  REALLY, that is all I can say REALLY???

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