Saturday, September 15, 2012

A year...

Have you ever thought about a year? I have it is!

·         12 months of various lengths

·         365 days

·         4 seasons, unless you live in a place that the seasons just kinda all run together!

·         A measure of time that helps you tell how old you are?


I used to think that was all a year was; now I know that it is several things.  It is a gift from God.  To say this year has been easy would be a bold faced lie, in fact I would almost say that I would never ever want to repeat it but if I said that I would have to miss out on some very important things in my life.


A little over a year ago one of my longest friends was pregnant and she invited me to the baby shower, knowing that I might have problems with being there, she promised me I could go hide in her room and that I would be okay. She is literally the sister that I never had, we have been through everything.  The thought of not being there totally destroyed me so off I went and it was amazing.  I was beyond blessed!  Then came the birth and she let me know.  I again had a decision do I stay at home and miss out on this exciting and AMAZING part of life or do I go and love on someone who is very important to me.  I went and again I was blessed by getting to see her and her amazing little son.  A year, Today I will go and celebrate this little boy perfect in every way turn 1!!


I have had many years… God has blessed me with them.  I have had heartache in several of those years.  Cancer, mito, losing a job to name several of the big ones.  But I have had a lot of good things in those years… things that are not heartaches but are heartglows.  Things like weddings, births, new jobs, grades, new homes again just to name a few. 


One of the ones that the Years have taught me is friends.  Friendships.. The whole reason that I am writing this, I have learned life changes and based on those changes is how you develop relationships.  We have the tendency to say I will be here no matter what but then when something happens we decide to leave.   We have years that we might not be as close to people, not because of a trial or because of something that is wrong but because life just gets in the way.


For me I have learned in the past year:

·         Life does go on

·         That I have several friends that will be here for me NO matter what, not just in words but they actually will be here for me.

·         Life is precious and amazing

·         Even hard things and horrible things can be turned to good.  While I am hurting because of some of the things I have learned so much about me and who I want to be. 

1 year… how are you going to use it? Are you going to make a positive difference? Are you going to put someone else above you? Are you going to help?

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