Monday, September 24, 2012


Every day I take a moment and I think about all that has gone on in our lives.  Some days it is the little things like the weather being cooler and some days it is harder to deal with things like health or those that are no longer here with us.  Sometimes it is desires that are ever present like one more hour of sleep or a few more dollars.  However some days, sometimes it is just simply being amazed at what I have in my life.

Today, I honestly have to say that I am amazed… see if you don’t know us or don’t know us well September is a month full of loving stress… this is commonly known in my house as birthday week.  This means that there are 3 people in our household and out of the 3 all three of us have birthdays in the same week.  Adam is September 27, I am September 28 and Aden is Oct 1. 

Aden was very blessed with some money to buy whatever he wanted, normally, Adam and I take tithe out and give him the rest but this time we felt like Aden was old enough to start learning about tithe.  So we laid all the cash out and Adam taught him about “God Money” and Aden learned that money is telling God Thank you for giving him the money.  After putting the money that he was tithing in an envelope, I asked him about something else…Fabrice Oegadegu...This little boy is the child that Aden’s school has decided to sponsor.  He just turned 7 on July 27; Aden will be turning 7 this year.  So I asked him out of the money left would he like to give any to Compassion International to Fabrice and his family.  Aden has occasionally been donating money to him and to his family and I wanted him to have the chance to donate again. 

Aden, my soon to be 7 year old, reached out, took two dollars and handed it to me.  He without thinking about it said… “MOM this should make a difference in getting food to his family”.  Now I will be honest I don’t know how much it will take to feed Fabrice and his family, however, I do know that money goes a long way where he lives.  I do know that two dollars can make a huge difference in food, healthcare and in schooling for him.   I also know that God is smiling down at my son.  At almost 7, he decided to give some of his money that he got for his birthday to make sure that someone else is provided for. 

I will be honest again… I don’t have a heart for missions when it comes to going around the world.  I am more of the behind the scenes person.  I, however, have a friend who is mission focused and has a mission heart.  She has been teaching my son about missions, even if she doesn’t know that.  A year ago she did an event that Aden got to be part of missions… she taught about what some of the children and families went through.  Aden will still talk about it: the size of the house (10x10), the one meal a day of rice and beans if they are lucky, the walking barefoot and getting yucky things on their feet.  His heart was touched, He is making a difference, ARE YOU??   

What can I do? What can you do?  Well if you are like me and aren’t called to missions… maybe you are called to be a sponsor? Maybe you are called just to click a link to share awareness? Maybe you are called to click a link and pray for all the ones that you see pictured there? Maybe you are called to collect money and donate? Maybe you are called to be like my almost 7 year old and give up on what you want for a few more days and give to someone who desperately needs it?

Please take the time to click this link and to learn more about those who need to have people to love on them and that need food, healthcare and schooling!!!

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