Saturday, May 12, 2012


Once again it's been weeks I tried to write this blog before and it closed out so frustrated I shut it and went on with life...trying again! It's may, how in the world is it may already? I was very very thankful when may rolled around. See Adam's insurance wasnt effective till may 1st so once may rolled around I was able to call doctors, get meds, and know all is good. I'm thankful for insurance, as much as I, we, whine about it I am now aware that without it life is hard. During our time without insurance we had a er visit, a doctor appointment, an urgent care visit, lab work and cultures as well as medications....I'm thankful for insurance. Its may, how in the world is it may already? Aden is getting ready for the end of school... I'm excited as well but it also means that after a year of change Aden is going to graduate from kindergarten. Already??? My little guy is getting big. Adam and I are looking forward to Aden being made special, to us he is but he has made an accomplishment. I am in awe. He is getting big, riding a bike and graduating from kindergarten. Can't wait to figure out how to stay busy this summer. People have asked me for ideas for him for graduation, he has several things that he really wants and that we are saving for if you're intrested please text me or message me. Its may, how in the world is it may already? May mothers day, normally I'm always sending cards letting people kow how much they matter but I will be totally honest this year has been hard. I've struggled with buying cards and with signing cards and with what to do or give...this simply is a day for this one year I want to skip. For whatever reason I am missing my mom greatly and that has caused me to miss zach mor which has made me feel like I've missed the boat this year on one of the biggest days of the year to celebrate the women in my life It's may, how in the world is it may already? When I started Remembering Zachary, I honestly thought everyone had forgotten him, I mean I know that they hadnt but life goes on and I'm still hurting. I started it because I was hurting missing him. It started because I have very important people in my life that dont know that zach exist, that Aden isnt an only child or that adam and I have two chldren. Im honored that things are coming in, how many lives will be touched by the things that are coming in? I'm honored to be able to call him my son. People have asked me about things to do as part of this and so I was thinking I would write some about it all. My family and I would like to take items to the TICU and picu to the child life persn that can make sure that the items get passed out to patients and th families, these items bring smiles not only to the children's faces but to the parents and siblings as well. Sometimes it takes little things to bring a smile. These children are birth to 21 years old and may not be cognitively or physically able to do everything. In saying this that is why we are asking for all ages and genders. Often these children don't care if it is for the wrong age or gender they are thankful, zach often used princess stickers because that was all they have and he was delighted to show them off. Items and ideas: -hotwheels, cars, trucks, other vehicles of any size -babies or other dolls -markers all sizes and types -paper: copy paper, construction paper of all sizes -notebooks -new dress up clothes (boys and girls) -new brightly colored pillowcases -books for all ages -DVDs rating pg and under -balls -games for all ages -stickers -coloring books -play dough sets and just dough -pens, pencils and other writing instruments -store bought prepackaged snacks -iTunes gift cards -visa gift cards -buddies as listed in several posts (please contact me for details) I would be delighted pass on any items and would be happy to shop if you would like to donate! I am honored to share in zachs name and in his honor. Thank you for helping me

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